Local Asian Market Haul

Mochi….Soft, chewy, cold and delicious. It was all I could think about. I needed to get my hands on some really good quality mochi, the kind you find singley packed and refrigerated filled with sweet sweet anko. I started thinking, where can I get some? Boom. A faint thought popped into my head. Asian Grocery Market. I was off. I was giddy just thinking about all of the items I wanted to get!

Where I live, sadly, the closest asian market to us is about an hour away. I remember I went for the first time quite a few years ago with my best friend. It was awesome, overwhelming, and totally alien with the array of asian cultured products that I had never heard of or seen before. My bestie over the years has slowly introduced me more and more to the asian culture, and I can never thank her enough for it. It has some of the coolest and best foods you can think of.

So my husband and I planned our weekend and included a big shop at the Asian Market called Trans World Food Market in Hadley, MA. We set off early in the morning to get there, shop, and get home to put all the cold grocery items away before they melted away in this hot summer heat. Check out my haul!





My total for the trip was $97.08 USD. Seems like a lot but I got tons of cool stuff and my husband picked out some more unique and pricier items as well.


The first on my list was bobas for bubble tea! I like to make my own bubble tea at home 20180827_13171220180827_131703because it is easy and delicious.. plus the closest bubble tea shop is also an hour away.  I knew they sold large bags of traditional black bobas so I snagged a 6.6 lb ( 105.6 Oz.), yes a six and and a half pound bag, of bobas for only $12.89USD.  You can buy a small 8 oz. bag on Amazon for $8 USD!! Such a great deal. We usually make Matcha bubble tea with ceremonial grade matcha, local honey or maple syrup, and local milk, slap in some boba (or a lot) and you’ve got yourself the best drink in the world… in my eyes at least 🙂 I did purchase a bag of Qbubble Taro Milk Tea powder a long time ago so occasionally I will whip up some of that instead of matcha.                                                                                           20180827_131555

I also purchased these teeny tiny green tapioca pearls, which I believe are more used for tapioca pudding! These were $1.39 USD.

MOCHI!!! Of course I seeked out the mochi next! I noted what I wanted and went back at the end so it would stay nice and cold for the ride home and not get warm while I walked around shopping- I also brought ice packs along with my reusable grocery bags so they would all stay cool. I got all the kinds they had, which are listed below. All of them were filled with Anko ( Red Bean Paste) My favourite.  


There were five different varieties and I got about two of each…Though I did get three black sesame seed because DAMN! Each individual mochi were $1.79 USD.

Moving along into the dry packaged grocery section I collected a few different kinds of noodles for ramen, stir frys and cold noodle soups that I would like to try making. All of them were such a good price, we grabbed quite a few to try!



This brand Wai Wai looked like almost a bean thread style noodle but more of a ramen noodle texture. I plan to use these for a stirfry or filling rice wrappers. These were $2.19 USD.







There were so many ramen style noodles to pick from but I chose the Shogun brand do to the cute packaging and easy to use shape and serving. A lot of the options were huge blocks of noodles you’d have to break chunks off of but I found these circular disks to be more convenient. We got these bad boys for a measly $2.69 US



Up next are noodles I found to be closer to Soba style noodles, good for soups and and any noodle dish as well. My husband grabbed two different kinds: Organic Somen & Organic Lanzhou Ramen. Each type was $3.69 USD.20180827_131533

We picked up some chewy candies that are Melon flavored, I remember having these one other time so I thought I would grab some to revisit the taste! These are squishy and delicious coming in at a little pricier amount of $3.20 USD.


Finally checking out more of the refrigerated and frozen section there was so many amazing items but I grabbed a few drinks and some dessert!


Of course we picked up some ramune ($1.50 USD each)! We got multiple flavors such as Lychee, Melon, Original ,etc.  I am curious to see if the Pearl Soybean Drink ( $1.29 USD) has chewy bobas as often they get hard when not eaten fresh, and I am so excited to try the Taro Paste Buns ( $2.99 USD) !

There was fresh Rambutans, Lychee nuts, Durian, Jackfruit, mangoes, cactus pears and much more! But I picked out a couple fresh Mangosteen fruits that cost me $3.96 USD, they were $10.99/ LB.20180827_154218

I had been watching some youtubers eat fresh rice cakes in mukbangs recently and they looked so delicious and chewy. I was so glad to find them in the refrigerated section so I can try them out! They have really large long rice cakes or the shorter ones like I purchased. I figured they would be easier to deal with for a first timer. They were $4.49 USD.20180827_154159

The two unique items my husband picked out was a new water tea tray and a Pu erh cake. The tea tray was $16.99 USD and the tea cake was $6.99USD


Thank you for checking out my Asian Market Grocery Haul!! I would like to do this more often, so let me know if you would like me to share my haul each time I make a trip. comment below which item you think is the weirdest, or what you would like to try the most!




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Grateful Footsteps

Loving life along the way...

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