All The Small Things: A Week At The Beach

Hampton Beach- Summer 2018

VACATION!!!!!!! Ah yes, vacation, something that does not happen often… or at all, really. This past week my family had a ladies week to the beach. We stayed in an average beachfront hotel that was just the right amount of comfortable and was quite close to all the fun stuff! I went with my cousins, aunts, gramma, and mom. It was so nice to be able to spend time with family that you don’t always get to see and talk to.


I really wish I had taken more photos while I was here, but I got caught up in the fun and relaxation.. i’m not complaining! We went and relaxed at the beach with my gallons of sunscreen on; I burn terribly and I am trying to avoid sun-caused wrinkles, also my mom is Dermatology Nurse so I hear all about the surgeries she does all day- yikes! No thanks!! Anyways, we headed to the beach front to relax and I sat covered and just about finished the book I am reading. It is the third and last book in the prequel Infernal Devices series for The Mortal Instruments- SO GOOD. We then walked along the beach to look for fun sea shells, sea glass, and the most coveted : Sand Dollar, but a whole one of course!

I myself really enjoy searching the barnacle and seaweed covered rocks during low tide to search for little creatures skittering by under the sand. My method is to find a rock that has a lip that juts out a little under the water pool, crabs LOVE to hide in little crevices and I scoop my hand gently into the sand and they usually come skittering right out. I only found two this year but I think the tide was a little too low and sadly all the kids had poor guys in buckets- I like to think they let them go afterward.

This guy was about the size of an apricot and he did NOT want to stay still
Don’t worry! I was holding him very very gently, look at those cute little eyes!
This guy was SO hard to see, he was so small and the same color as the sand!
You can see how camouflage and small he is.

Snacks and delicious food was had.. and lots of alcoholic drinks too. My aunt brought basically her whole bar to the hotel ( blender included) , she is the funniest ever,  is heavy handed on the vodka and triple sec and makes a damn good frozen drink! My aunts are both crazy and so fun- I can only hope to be that cool when I am their age. We went to one of the restaurants twice and each time they shared what they call a “Shark Bowl”, equipped with a cherry, orange piece, and a gummy shark floating around and served in a fish bowl.


We enjoyed night walks on the beach with our toes in the sand and beautiful sunsets from our hotel and the shopping strip, I even found some really pretty flowers along the way!

Our hotel view.
Beach Sunset


I am already very freckled but  I also got a lot of fun new freckles, especially on my hands!




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Grateful Footsteps

Loving life along the way...

Write About Meow

All About My Best Life

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