All The Small Things: Tea And Company Edition

Brewing up some fresh, 2018 Pre Qing Ming, Sichuan Ganlu.

You know, something as small as going out to a small cozy tea shop can turn your whole day around. Tea is a magical thing, or maybe the feelings it gives you or the conversation and company it brings is the magical part- whos to say? Every experience I have with tea is a different one. Are you a tea lover, enthusiast, or casual drinker? Tell me some of your favorite teas or tea experiences below.

My husband and I don’t drink just any ol tea bag, we are talking true and pure loose leaf teas straight from the sources- Japan, China, Taiwan.. all cultures are different and each unique. I am not hating on bagged tea too much though. It is good for cold brews, or sometimes the flavor blends can be just tasty, however, often in bagged tea you are getting poor quality, stems, random herbs ( which may not be disclosed) and junk that you don’t want to be drinking. It is important to know what is in your cup, even with loose leaf as well.

Harvey never causes ANY trouble …

We tend to favor the traditional Chinese tea drinking rituals with our assortment of gaiwans, water tray, yixing clay teapots etc. Now, my husband is more of a tea hobbiest than I am, but I am always along for the ride and just watching him enjoy himself, ponder flavors, scents,  and get excited – it is hard not to fall in love with every moment of the tea drinking process.

We highly suggest you check out Mei Leafs Youtube channel, I will insert a link here . Don and his wife make an amazing variety of videos that are great for beginners in learning about tea. We love to watch him as he is funny, calming, and a great tea connoisseur!


Thank you to my husband for supplying the best tea photos! Please share below questions, inspirations, thoughts!


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Grateful Footsteps

Loving life along the way...

Write About Meow

All About My Best Life

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