Shadows At The Lake


Joe- Summer 2018

     The lake, can you picture it in your mind? The water, the smell of the cool and refreshing summer breeze rolling onto the shore. For some this may be but an image made up in their mind. For others, it is so many summer weekends, family vacations and memories of splashing in the water and laughing. You remember smiling at friends and family by a campfire and crawling into your tent late at night, only to find bits of sand in your sleeping bag and bugs flying by your head. But you didn’t mind- This was normal, it was comfortable. 

I have so many memories of going to the lake with my family. My whole immediate family would always pack up our camper for the weekend and drive to the nearby lake. Even though it was a mear 30 minutes away, it was still a slice of home away from home. We went every big holiday weekend every year from when I was a baby to when I was about nine or so years old. We then purchased a seasonal camper and went every single weekend since. I met so so so many friends there, some of the best i’ve ever had in my life- including my best friend. We stayed up late so many nights doing stupid things pre-teens and teenagers do. I wouldn’t trade any of these memories or experiences for the world.

Tonight we joined our family and friends at our place of comfort and enjoyed food, laughs, games and fireworks. I hope some of you may relate or have a piece of your heart that lies somewhere similar and memories of that place make you smile like mine does for me. Our memories live on, even if they are hiding in the shadows of our minds.

Lake sunset ( Contrast adjusted) – Summer 2018

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Grateful Footsteps

Loving life along the way...

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Grateful Footsteps

Loving life along the way...

Write About Meow

All About My Best Life

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