Meet My Family

Now that you have met me, let me introduce you to the reasons I am living my best life.

About 8 years ago I met my husband, the most amazing human being .We started dating in high school, he a junior, myself a sophomore. You never can expect to find the love and purpose of our life at the age of 16, or any age for that matter, I just happened to gifted with the best luck. Life wouldn’t be anything without his support, smiles, laughter, stupid jokes, kisses, hugs, compassion… I could literally go on forever. I would like to introduce you to Joe, my sun and sweetest pea:



Next up! Our Moosey boy! Moose, Moo, Mooey, Pupperoon, boob, my first dog ever, and is quite a handful.. or 100 handfuls really. He is a 90 pound Saint Bernard and Spaniel mix, he is three years old. He came into our lives two years ago, previously being owned by someone who locked him to a tree on a ten foot leash all day and provided no training or love for the first year of his life. When we picked him up, he was crazy strong, out of control, hyper and dirty… so dirty. He immediately got a bath, love and lots of kisses (after the bath course) ! He has been a huge learning curve and we have taught him so much and he with us. I wouldn’t trade him for the world.




And we have Harvey ( grey and white) and Midnight ( can you guess what color he is?) Almost three years ago Joe and I moved into our first apartment together. We REALLY knew we wanted some kitty babies, but we wanted to adopt two cats that were already friendly with each other. Lowe and behold almost immediately I found a post for two free cats that had grown up together and needed a good home to go to. I jumped on it so quickly, and I am glad I did for that was the very last day they had to get them to a good home before the previous owner moved. The previous owner was just about to bring them to the humane society when I called and she drove over 2 hours to meet me. I am so grateful she cared about them that much to do that, I don’t know what we would do without them!

Let’s start with Harvey. He is one of the most interesting cats I have ever met, and the chubbiest. Weighing in at a good solid 17 pounds, Harvey is about 6 years old. He is declared a “Large cat and only on the cusp of fat” by our vet and he is obsessed with food, but who isn’t really? He loves to tumble and kick and bite (softly) when his tummy is touched, and is the most cuddly bear you will meet.



And last but not least we have Midnight. He is about the weirdest cat I have ever met, thought to be six when we got him but was informed he is more than likely to be 10-12 years of age weighing in at nine pounds. He enjoys obsessing over laying on someone (especially me at night), playing in plastic bags, being pet constantly, running around the house after and from things that aren’t there, meowing randomly in rooms nothings in, scratching anything that reflects, and being the least coordinated cat I have ever seen.




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  1. What a wonderful phrase, ‘living my best life’. You have such a wonderful family! Never get tired of those stupid jokes, I swear that’s what makes a good relationship. Maybe not the stupidity of the jokes, more so the laughter, but take it as you can get it! Best of wishes to you all!


    1. Thank you, I fell in love with that phrase as soon as I heard it. I will never get tired of those jokes! I believe you are quite correct in saying that the help create a strong relationship. No matter how much I may roll my eyes and sigh when they are made, they make me laugh, smile, and remind me why I love him so.


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Grateful Footsteps

Loving life along the way...

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All About My Best Life

Grateful Footsteps

Loving life along the way...

Write About Meow

All About My Best Life

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